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Lessons and Legacies

Call for Papers 2021 Lessons & Legacies Regional Interim Meetings and
Lessons & Legacies 2021 Conference Postponement
Call for Papers 2021 Lessons & Legacies Regional Interim Meetings

Call for Papers
2021 Lessons & Legacies Regional Interim Meetings
(application portal open)

The Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University (HEFNU) is pleased to issue this call for papers for Lessons & Legacies Regional Interim Meetings for Fall 2021. HEFNU is sponsoring Interim Meetings in six locations around the world. The application portal is now open.

We encourage scholars at all career levels (particularly early career scholars) and in all disciplines that deal with the study of the Holocaust to submit proposals related to recent issues and advances in Holocaust scholarship and pedagogy. The deadline for submission is 9 August 2021.

Each Regional Interim meeting will be a three-day, in-person program, although some locations may include an online component. If local conditions prevent an in-person meeting, individual meetings will pivot to an online format. If you are able to participate ONLY in a remote capacity, please indicate this clearly at the start of your proposal. 

Accepted participants will receive two nights’ accommodation and all meals from the opening dinner through the closing lunch. Participants are responsible for transportation to/from the meeting venue. HEFNU will make limited travel funding available to those with demonstrated need.

Apply Here.

Regional Interim Meeting Formats (not all formats available at all locations – see below):

A. Conference papers (All Locations)– Paper proposals for twenty-minute presentations

B. Works-in-Progress (All Locations) - Proposals for paper that is part of larger project (e.g. dissertation chapter, scholarly article) to be workshopped during meeting. Papers will be pre-circulated securely and exclusively to the approximately twenty other conference attendees four weeks before meeting.

C. Roundtables (Toronto, Sydney, Tacoma) – three to four people discuss a pre-determined set of questions from a variety of disciplinary or pedagogic perspectives

D. Lightning Sessions (Toronto) – short (5-8 minutes) presentations by four–six presenters and a chair, followed by general discussion.

Regional Interim Meetings will take place in six locations. Meeting sessions will include different formats (see list and locations below).

Regional Interim Meeting Dates, Locations, and Hosts

Munich, Germany. 15-17 October. Center for Holocaust Studies, Institute for Contemporary History. Frank Bajohr, Anna Ullrich, and Kim Wünschmann (LMU Munich). Formats A, B

Toronto, Canada. 17-19 October. York University. Doris Bergen (University of Toronto), Hillary Earl (Nipissing University), Sara Horowitz, Aleksandra Pomiećko (University of Toronto), and Anna Veprinska (University of Toronto). Formats A, B, C, D

Evanston, IL. 28-30 October. Northwestern University. Sarah M. Cushman, Benjamin Frommer, and Ștefan Cristian Ionescu. Formats A, B

Knoxville, TN. 4-6 November. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Daniel H. Magilow and Helene Sinnreich. Formats A, B

Sydney, Australia. 15-17 November. University of New South Wales. Avril Alba (University of Sydney), Ruth Balint, and Jan Láníček. Formats A, B, C

Tacoma, WA. 19-21 November. Pacific Lutheran University. Beth Griech-Polelle and Lisa Marcus. Formats A, B, C

Proposals for Conference Papers and Works in Progress (Formats A and B) should include the following in a single PDF (NB – indicate clearly at start of proposal if you are only able to participate remotely/online):
•Abstract with Title (300 words max)
•Brief CV (1-2 pages).

Proposals for Roundtables and Lightning Sessions (Formats C and D) should include the following in a single PDF (NB – indicate clearly at start of proposal if you are only able to participate remotely/online):
•Abstract and title for the session (350 words max) that indicates goals of session and role/perspective of each participant
•Brief CV (1-page) for each participant

Apply here for the Regional Interim Meetings.
Application Deadline: 9 August 2021
Questions? Contact

Lessons and Legacies XVI – Ottawa
Postponed to 12-15 November 2022
Lessons & Legacies 2021 Conference Postponement

More than a year has passed since the onset of the COVID pandemic and since our initial decision to postpone the Holocaust Educational Foundation’s Lessons & Legacies Conference. In that time, the pandemic became something none of us imagined, and has persisted for longer than most of us feared. The challenges of in-person meetings, particularly large gatherings and international travel, remain, and projections about the end of these challenges are variable and uncertain. In addition, we face different access to and rates of vaccination as well as the threat of new strains––a particularly acute concern for an international conference such as ours.

Therefore, the Director and Academic Council of the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University have decided to postpone the conference for an additional year. The new dates of the conference are 12-15 November 2022, in Ottawa, Canada.

About the Conference

Lessons and Legacies XVI will be held in Ottawa, Canada, November 12-15, 2022. The conference will be co-hosted by the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. See the original Call for Papers. All application deadlines have passed.
Keynote Dinner Partner: Canadian War Museum

Conference Chairs
Jennifer Evans, Carleton University
Noah Shenker, Monash University

Conference Hosts
Jennifer Evans, Carleton University
Jan Grabowski, University of Ottawa

Workshop Coordinator
Gary Weissman, University of Cincinnati

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