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Lessons and Legacies

Lessons and Legacies XVI – Ottawa
Postponed to 6-9 November 2021
Message from Conference Organizing Committee (sent out 7 May 2020)

Dear Holocaust Educational Foundation Community and Lessons and Legacies Conference Participants,

I hope that each of you is safe and healthy.

I write to you with equal parts regret and relief. In cooperation with the Lessons and Legacies Conference Organizing Committee (Jennifer Evans, Noah Shenker, Jan Grabowski, and Gary Weissman), I have made the decision to postpone the Lessons and Legacies Conference Ottawa for a full year. The conference will now take place 6-9 November 2021.

As you probably have surmised, the context for this decision is the Covid-19 pandemic, which has disrupted our lives, collectively and individually, in ways we did not imagine just months ago. Our biggest concern and consideration in making this decision is the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the HEF community.

We understand that each of you is focused on immediate priorities: teaching, learning, and trying to conduct research remotely; caring for self and family; homeschooling children; and wondering what the summer and fall may hold in each of these areas. Postponement will aid your ability to focus on those immediate and pressing concerns.

Furthermore, it is likely that “normal” life will not have returned by the fall. Travel, particularly international travel, still may be severely constrained. Universities around the world are considering the continuation of remote teaching into the fall. Health experts predict a fall outbreak of the virus that may coincide with the regular flu to costly effect. Universities, whose endowments and budgets have taken a big hit due to the associated economic crisis, have constrained discretionary spending, including for conference-related travel. Social distancing guidelines will likely remain in effect and will not allow for traditional conference gatherings.

In short, we hope to hold the same conference in a much healthier and safer context, a year later than originally planned. We hope that everyone we admitted or invited will be able to attend in November 2021. We ask you please to confirm your intention to join us by 31 December 2020. This timeframe, we trust, will allow for greater clarity regarding both the broader situation and individual circumstances.

One of our greatest concerns regarding the postponement has been how to support younger scholars. This concern is driving our plans to have some kind of online presence between Fall 2020 and Fall 2021. We will be in touch in as timely a manner as possible with details.

With warm regards and best wishes for continued health and safety,

Sarah Cushman, Director, Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University
Jennifer Evans, Carleton University
Noah Shenker, Monash University
Jan Grabowski, University of Ottawa
Gary Weissman, University of Cincinnati

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About the Conference

Lessons and Legacies XVI will be held in Ottawa, Canada, November 6-9, 2021. The conference will be co-hosted by the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. See the original Call for Papers . All application deadlines have passed.
Keynote Dinner Partner: Canadian War Museum

Conference Chairs
Jennifer Evans, Carleton University
Noah Shenker, Monash University

Conference Hosts
Jennifer Evans, Carleton University
Jan Grabowski, University of Ottawa

Workshop Coordinator
Gary Weissman, University of Cincinnati

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