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Lessons and Legacies

Lessons and Legacies XVI
The Holocaust: Rethinking Paradigms in Research and Representation
Ottawa, Canada;
12-15 November, 2022

Co-Hosts: Carleton University AND University of Ottawa 

About the Conference

What does it mean to develop conceptual paradigms relating to the Holocaust? How might existing paradigms for understanding, representing, and teaching about the Holocaust benefit from re-examination and reformulation in light of new sources, interpretive methods, and interdisciplinary approaches and conversations? To what extent can debates in the study of the Holocaust pertaining (but not limited) to modernity, colonialism, antisemitism, racial and gender discrimination, and sexual violence, as well as conceptions of trauma, memory, testimony, and representation, connect the Holocaust to discussions of nationalism, imperialism, and mass atrocity more broadly? This conference aims to deepen our understanding of the Holocaust by recognizing that the uniqueness and specificities of the Holocaust should neither prohibit nor be lost in the process of drawing historical analogies.


Registration deadline: Friday, July 1, 2022
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Keynote Dinner Partner: Canadian War Museum

Conference Hotel: Delta Hotels by Marriott Ottawa City Centre, 101 Lyon Street N, Ottawa, ON K1R 5T9

Conference Chairs
Jennifer Evans, Carleton University
Noah Shenker, Monash University

Conference Hosts
Jennifer Evans, Carleton University
Jan Grabowski, University of Ottawa

Workshop Coordinator
Gary Weissman, University of Cincinnati

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