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The Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University has an Advisory Board and an Academic Council, which together ensure that HEFNU adheres to its mission to advance Holocaust teaching and research at institutions of higher education.

The HEFNU Advisory Board is composed of ten members, five appointed by officers and board members of the pre-integration Foundation and five appointed by the University. The Advisory Board is chaired by the Dean of the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

Advisory Board
Earl Abramson
Gabriel Aizenberg
Nancy Mills Barnett
Barry Malkin
Daniel Weiss
Sanford Goldberg, Philosophy Department
Ben Gorvine, Psychology Department
Stefan Ionescu, History Department
Sarah Maza, History Department
Lauren Stokes, History Department

The HEFNU Academic Council advises the Foundation’s Director in personnel, administrative process, and content of programs. The interdisciplinary Council is composed of ten experts in the field of Holocaust Studies, who have demonstrated a strong commitment to HEFNU and its mission. Membership is rotating and the Chair is selected by Council members.

Academic Council
Doris Bergen, University of Toronto
Winson Chu, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Sara Horowitz, York University, CHAIR
Jonathan Huener, University of Vermont
Paul B. Jaskot, Duke University
Anne Knowles, University of Maine
Erin McGlothlin, Washington University in St. Louis
Brad Prager, University of Missouri
Barry Trachtenberg, Wake Forest University
Sue Vice, University of Sheffield

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