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Annual Spring Theodore Zev Weiss Lecture

Each May, HEFNU invites a distinguished scholar in the field of Holocaust studies to deliver the annual Theodore “Zev” Weiss Lecture in Holocaust Studies. This lecture is named for HEF founder, Zev Weiss, a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau and several other Nazi camps. It honors his legacy of supporting innovative research and teaching in the field. The lecture also honors Zev’s family, many of whom were murdered in the Holocaust. The lecture takes place near the anniversary of the family’s deportation.

tuesday, may 10, 2022

In person,
Harris Hall, Room 108, 1881 Sheridan Rd, Evanston
Reception to follow. No registration required.
Register here for the link to live stream.

“Rethinking Holocaust Sources with Digital Methods: An Exploratory Case Study of Krakow and its Ghetto under Nazi Occupation”

Paul Jaskot, Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Duke University

Paul Jaskot

Digital Humanities (DH) methods have raised new questions about the Holocaust. Whether using corpus linguistics to analyze testimony, spatial modeling to think about three-dimensional experience, digital mapping to re-envision scales of the genocide, or digital storytelling at memorial sites to reach broader publics, the embrace of computer-aided analysis has been tremendously productive. While DH methods have prompted new questions, they have also helped us to think about older issues. In this presentation, Jaskot will address how digital methods help us rethink one of the core issues of Holocaust Studies: the nature and problem of traditional analog sources. Focusing on an ongoing collaborative investigation of the Nazi Occupation of Krakow and the construction of its ghetto, Jaskot will foreground a fascinating history of Nazi spaces and Jewish experience. At the same time, he will explore how digital methods lead us, ironically, to a much better understanding of historical sources—diaries of Polish Jews, Nazi administrative documents, architectural plans, and the buildings themselves, among others.

HEFNU will adhere to applicable Northwestern University COVID-19 safety protocols that are in place at the time of this event. Visitors may reference here.

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