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Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University

The mission of the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University (HEFNU) is to advance Holocaust education at institutions of higher learning around the world. To achieve this mission, HEFNU aims to develop professors qualified to teach Holocaust courses, grow the number of colleges and universities that offer Holocaust courses, and thereby increase the number of students who study the Holocaust.

HEFNU Principles

Lessons & Legacies Europe


6-10 November 2023

Bridging Disciplines, Histories, and Cultures

Submission Deadline:
15 December 2022

Lessons & Legacies Europe

Institutes on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization

Learn more about our Summer Institute, London Summer Institute, and Regional Institutes.


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Teaching and Research Grants

As part of our mission to grow and strengthen Holocaust studies at colleges and universities, HEFNU offers research and teaching grants to faculty and graduate students whose academic work centers on study of the Holocaust. 





Volume XIV in the Lessons and Legacies Series just dropped. Watch the virtual book launch event here. The Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century: Relevance and Challenges in the Digital Age, edited by Tim Cole and Simone Gigliotti, is available from Northwestern University Press.

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HEFNU Director, Sarah Cushman, mentioned in Boston Globe Magazine
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HEFNU Statement on Youngstown
HEFNU Condemns Russia’s Military Invasion of Ukraine

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