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Northwestern Holocaust Courses

Northwestern Courses Related to the Holocaust

This Year’s Courses

Winter 2021

HISTORY 300-0-20 Europe in the Age of Total War, 1789-1945
Bates, Robin

HISTORY 348-2 Jews in Poland, Ukraine and Russia, 1917-1991
Petrovsky-Shtern, Yohanan

HISTORY 349-0 History of the Holocaust
Ionescu, Stefan

Context Courses

HISTORY 393-0-24 Approaches to History
Shyovitz, David

HISTORY 393-0-26 Approaches to History
Revolution, Dictatorship and Democracy
Ionescu, Stefan

RELIGION 230-0-22
Introduction to Judaism
Sufrin, Claire

Fall 2020

HISTORY 201-2-20 Europe in the Modern World
Bates, Robin

HISTORY 300-0 New Lectures in History: Comparative Genocide
Ionescu, Stefan; Howell, Elizabeth

HISTORY 348-1 – Jews in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia, 1250-1917: Social, political, religious, and cultural interaction of Jews and Slavs over a millennium, 1250-1917
Petrovsky-Shtern, Yohanan

PSYCHOLOGY 317-0 The Holocaust: Psychological Themes & Perspectives
Gorvine, Benjamin

SESP 324-0 Pedagogies for History and Injustice: Holocaust Education Design
Cohen, Danny M.

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