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Past Recipients

Past Recipients of the Holocaust Educational Foundation Sharon Abramson Research Grant

2021 Recipients

Marilyn Campeau, Teaching Assistant
University of Toronto
“Soviet “Liberators” and the Aftermath of the Holocaust in Germany, 1945–1949”

Patrick Chura, Professor
University of Akron
“Recovering the Source of Albert Maltz's Suppressed Holocaust Novel”

Anthony Foreman, Graduate Student
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
“Military Honor and the Holocaust”

Raphael/le Linden, Graduate Student
New York University
“It Wasn’t Us: An Autofictional Exploration of Holocaust Remembrance, Legacies of Trauma, and American Jewish Identity”

Caroline Riley, Research Associate and Lecturer
University of California, Davis
“Thérèse Bonney’s Photography: The Intermedial Syndication of Art, the Body, and War from 1920 to 1970”

Judith Vöcker, Graduate Student
University of Leicester
“’In the Name of the German Nation’ The German jurisdiction in Warsaw and Radom during the Nazi occupation of the General Government (1939-1945).”


Gaelle Fisher, Postdoctoral Researcher
Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich
“Making Sense of Catastrophe: The Jewish Leadership in Romania 1938-1948”

Emil Kjerte, Graduate Student
Clark University
“Ustaša Killing Specialists: The Personnel of the Jasenovac Camp Complex”

Aliza Luft, Assistant Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
“Sacred Treason: How French Bishops Defected From Vichy to Save Jews During the Holocaust”

Nick Underwood, Assistant Professor
College of Idaho
“Plural Jewish Communities: Yiddish Culture and Jewish Migration in Post-Holocaust France”

Kerry Wallach, Associate Professor and Chair
Gettysburg College
“Rahel Szalit-Marcus, a Jewish Artist in Berlin and Paris”

Alternate Awardees

Simon Goldberg, Graduate Student
Clark University
“Writing and Rewriting the History of the Kovno Ghetto”

Elysa McConnell, Graduate Student
University of Ottawa
“Fascist Italy and the ‘Other’: Italianization and the Holocaust in the Triveneto Borderlands, 1918-1948”

Laurie Marhoefer, Associate Professor of History
University of Washington
“Homosexuality, Transgender, Fascism and the Holocaust: A New History”

Danijel Matijevic, Doctoral Candidate in History and Jewish Studies
University of Toronto
“The Holocaust and Mass Violence in Croatia, 1939-47: Regional and Temporal Variations”

Lukas Meissel, Doctoral Candidate in Holocaust Studies
University of Haifa
“The Visible and the Absent. SS-Photographs from Nazi Concentration Camps”

Benjamin Nestor, Doctoral Candidate in History
Marquette University
“Einsatzgruppe C in the District Galicia: Ideology, Situational Violence, and Mass Murder”

Alissa Schapiro, Doctoral Candidate in Art History
Northwestern University
“Lest We Forget: American Art, Visual Culture, and Antisemitism during World War II”

Alternate Awardee
Paula Chan, Doctoral Candidate in History
Georgetown University
“Eyes on the Ground: Soviet Investigations of the Nazi Occupation”

Marie-Dominique Asselin, Doctoral Candidate in History
University of Ottawa
“Jewish Life under Investigation: the Role of Polish Courts in the Fate of Jews during the German Occupation (1939-1943)”

Robin Buller, Doctoral Candidate in History
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“Sephardi Immigrants in Paris: Navigating Community, Culture, and Citizenship in Interwar and Vichy France, 1918-1945”

Rebecca Clifford, Associate Professor of Modern European History
Swansea University
“The Lingfield Children: Child Survivors, Psychoanalysis, and Holocaust Memory”

Lovro Kralj, Doctoral Candidate in History
Central European University
“Paving the Road to Death: Antisemitism in the Ustasha Movement (1929-1945)”

Rachel Perry, Professor of Art History
Haifa University, Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research
“The ‘Nazi Crimes’ Exhibition at the Grand Palais in 1945: the Antifascist Museum of the Future”

Alternate Awardee
Jelena Subotic, Associate Professor of Political Science
Georgia State University
“Yellow Star, Red Star: Holocaust Remembrance after Communism”

Evgeny Finkel, Assistant Professor
Georgetown University
“Holocaust Survivors in Israel’s War of Independence”

Sara Halpern, PhD Candidate
The Ohio State University
“Good-bye Shanghai!: The Emigration of European Jewish Families, 1945-1951”

Vojin Majstorovic, PhD Candidate
The University of Toronto
“The Red Army and the Holocaust”

Valentina Rozas-Krause, PhD Candidate
University of California – Berkeley
“Excavating Urban Memory: Finding the Ordinary and the Extraordinary in Cityscapes of Apology”

Michal Shaul, Post-doctoral Fellow
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
“Sedimentation of Survivors, Sedimentation of Memory, and Sedimentation of Migration”

Natalia Aleksiun, Associate Professor
Touro College
“Daily Survival: Social History of Jews in Hiding in Eastern Galicia”

Laura Hobson Faure, Associate Professor
Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III
“Becoming Survivors: A Transnational History of Jewish Child Refugees in France and the United States, 1938-2015”

Adam Knowles, Assistant Teaching Professor
Drexel University
“Layers of Complicity: The Nazification of Philosophy in Heidegger’s Black Notebooks”

Christina Matzen, PhD Candidate
University of Toronto
“Women’s Prisons in Twentieth-Century Germany: Gendered Punishment from the Kaiser to the Cold War”

Michelle Penn, PhD Candidate
University of Colorado at Boulder
“The Extermination of Peaceful Soviet Citizens: Aron Trainin, the Holocaust, and the Concept of Genocide”

Natalya Lazar, PhD Candidate
Clark University
“Czernowitz Jews and the Holocaust: Interethnic Relations, Violence and Survival in a Borderland City, 1941-1946”

Maris Rowe-McCulloch, PhD Candidate
University of Toronto
“The Holocaust in a City under Siege: Jewish Life, Occupation, Mass Violence and Genocide in Rostov-on-Don”

Sari Siegel, PhD Candidate
University of Southern California
“Between Coercion and Resistance: Jewish Prisoner-Physicians in Nazi Camps, 1938-1945”

Jared McBride, Visiting Assistant Professor
Columbia University
“Killing Neighbors: The Undoing of Multi-Ethnic Western Ukraine in World War II”

Joanna Michlic, Lecturer
University of Bristol
“More than the Milk of Human Kindness: Jewish Survivors and their Polish Rescuers Recount their Tales, 1944-1949”

Peter Staudenmaier, Assistant Professor
Marquette University
“Nature and Genocide: Ecological Dimensions of the Nazi Racial Project”

Kimberly Partee Allar, PhD Candidate in History and Holocaust Studies
Clark University
“Training Nazi Camp Guards: Dachau, Ravensbrück and Trawnicki in Comparison”

Waitman Beorn, Assistant Professor of History and Holocaust and Genocide Studies
University of Nebraska – Omaha
“Into the Sands – The Janowska Concentration Camp”

Luca Fenoglio, PhD Candidate in History
University of Edinburgh
“The ‘Everyday Life’ of Persecution: The Internment of Jewish Refugees in Italian-occupied Southeastern France”

Natalie Mathieson, PhD Candidate in Jewish Studies and Drama, Theater, and Performance Studies
University of Toronto
“Playing for Survival: A Cultural History of Performance in Nazi Camps during the Shoah”

Rececca Carter-Chand, Ph.D. Candidate in History
University of Toronto

Justin Pfeifer, Ph.D. Candidate in History
The University of Toledo

Malgosia Wloszycka, Ph.D. Candidate
University of Southampton

Laura E. Brade, Ph.D. Candidate in Modern European History
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Amy Michele Smith, Joint Ph.D. Candidate in Judaic Studies and History
Yale University

Jacob Eder, Ph.D. Candidate in History
University of Pennsylvania

Victoria Khiterer, Assistant Professor of History
Millersville University

Benjamin Thorne, Ph.D. Candidate in East European History
Indiana University

Elizabeth Anthony, Ph.D. Candidate in History
Clark University

Alexis Herr, Ph.D. Candidate in History
Clark University

Raz Segal, Ph.D. Candidate in History
Clark University

Frank Adler, G. Theodore Mitau Professor of Political Science
Macalester College

Waitman Beorn, Ph.D. Candidate in History
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Jeffrey Koerber, Ph.D. Candidate in Holocaust History
Clark University

Amy Simon, Ph.D. Candidate in History
Indiana University

Vladimir Solonari, Associate Professor of History
University of Central Florida

Monika J. Flaschka, Professor of History
Kent State University

Charles B. Lansing, Associate Professor of History
University of Connecticut

Elizabeth Harrington Lambert, Ph.D. Candidate in History
Indiana University

Eric C. Steinhart, Ph.D. Candidate
University of North Carolina

Mira Binford, Professor of Holocaust History
Quinnipiac University

Elizabeth Covington Strauss, Ph.D. Candidate
University of Notre Dame

Richard Frankel, Assistant Professor of History
University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Thomas Weber, Professor of History
University of Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Burds, Associate Professor of History,
Northeastern University, “Images of Hate: Soviet Collaborators in the German War Against Anti-Bolshevism”

Sarah Cushman, Ph.D. candidate in Holocaust History
Clark University, “The Women of Birkenau”

Rachel Iskov, Ph.D. candidate in Holocaust History
Clark University, “Jewish Family Life in the Lodz and Warsaw Ghettos”

Benn Williams, Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Illinois-Chicago, “Denunciation in the Lyon Region, 1940-53”

Stephen Connor, Ph.D. candidate in history
Wilfred Laurier University, “German Civil Administration in the Occupied Soviet Union, 1941-44”

Valerie Hebert, Ph.D. candidate in history
University of Toronto, “The High Command Case and the Myth of the Clean Hands of the Wehrmacht.”

Karl Schleunes, Professor of History
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, “The Nazi Assault upon German Jewry, 1933-39”

Julija Sukys, postdoctoral fellow in comparative literature
Northwestern University, “Lifewriting and the Vilna Ghetto”

Beth Cohen, Ph.D.candidate, Holocaust Studies
Clark University, “Holocaust Survivors in the United States, 1945-55”

Michelle Erickson, Ph.D. candidate, French
New York University, “The Transmission of Memory in French Literary and Videotaped Holocaust Testimony”

Wulf Kansteiner, Assistant Professor of History
SUNY-Binghamton, “The Holocaust on German Television”

Katrin Paehler, Ph.D. candidate, History
American University, “Ideology in the Making and Unmaking of the German Intelligence Service”

Kevin Spicer, Assistant Professor of History
Stonehill College, “Nazi Priests”

Christine van der Zanden, Ph.D candidate, Holocaust Studies
Clark University, “Jewish Refugee Life on the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon”

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