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Virtual Mentors Program

What Is the Virtual Mentors Program?
How Do I Book an Appointment?
Meet our Distinguished Mentors

What Is the Virtual Mentors Program?

HEFNU’s Virtual Mentors Program provides an opportunity for junior scholars, particularly those very early in their careers, to network with and meet potential mentors. Mentors, all distinguished scholars in the field of Holocaust Studies, are available for “one-off” meetings.  Some examples of discussion topics may include, but are not limited to: career opportunities and development, research, and work-life balance.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Visit HEFNU’s “Bookings” site to check availability and schedule a meeting with Virtual Mentors. Mentees will receive an email directly from their mentor, prior to the scheduled meeting date & time, with a video link for the meeting.

When booking your appointment, please schedule at least two weeks in advance. If an appointment needs to be cancelled, please do so at least a week ahead of time and be sure to receive confirmation from the mentor.

In the "additional information" section of your Bookings request, please list several questions that you would like to discuss with your mentor.

Schedules shown in Bookings, are the only times mentors have available (dates and times of meetings are non-negotiable).

Meet our Distinguished Mentors

Victoria Aarons, Trinity University, Faculty Profile

Waitman Beorn, Northumbria University, Faculty Profile

Deborah Dwork, The Graduate Center - CUNY, Faculty Profile 

Marion Kaplan, New York University, Faculty Profile

Anne Knowles, The University of Maine, Faculty Profile

Alan Rosen, Elie Wiesel Living Archive, 92nd St. Y, Published Works

Barry Trachtenberg, Wake Forest University, Faculty Profile